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The WVPEC is a non-partisan collaborative of diverse state and national leaders committed to championing public education at all levels through outreach and innovation, while engaging government, education and business leaders to rapidly respond to emerging issues. By creating a pipeline from educational and training opportunities to jobs, the WVPEC helps strengthen West Virginia's future workforce and economy.

Scott Beard

Provost - Shepherd University

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Tom Campbell

Member - West Virginia State Board of Education

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Amelia Davis Courts

President and CEO - The Education Alliance

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Jim Denova

Vice President - Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

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Mike Green

Local Businessman and Entrepreneur

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Hank Hager

Counsel - West Virginia State Senate

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Kimberly Hambrick

Director - ARCC Region 5

Read More: Kimberly Hambrick

Donna Hoylman Peduto

Executive Director - WVPEC

Read More: Donna Hoylman Peduto

Erika Klose

Assistant Director - Office of Middle and Secondary Learning, WV Department of Education

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Maggie McDonald

Program Coordinator - WVPEC

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Robert Mahaffey

Executive Director - Rural School and Community Trust; President - Organizations Concerned about Rural Education; Vice Chairman - Coalition for Community Schools

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Gayle Conelly Manchin

Chair - WVPEC

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Stan Maynard

Executive Director - June Harless Center for Rural Educational Research and Development

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David Mohr

Consultant to Education - West Virginia House of Delegates

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Johnny Moore

President - Pierpont Community and Technical College

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Illah Nourbakhsh

Professor of Robotics - Carnegie Mellon University

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Maryanne Reed

Provost - West Virginia University

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Scott Rotruck

Member - West Virginia State Board of Education

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Jaime Taylor

Provost - Marshall University

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Sarah Armstrong Tucker

Chancellor - WV Community and Technical College System and WV Higher Education Policy Commission

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Frank Vitale

President and CEO - Forge Business Solutions

Read More: Frank Vitale

Deb Delisle

President - The Alliance for Excellent Education

Read More: Deb Delisle

Bill Bissett

President and CEO - Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce

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