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West Virginia Women Moving Forward

WV Women Moving Forward is an initiative of West Virginia University’s Office of the Provost, in collaboration with the WVPEC and WV Forward.

Women engaged at a WV Women Moving Forward event.

Members of the “sheroes” subgroup form a plan to empower young women

Women engaging in an discussion event for WV Women moving forward.

The professional development subgroup brainstorms ways to combat gender bias in the classroom

WV Women Moving Forward is convening hundreds of West Virginians (women and men) from all backgrounds and demographics statewide to confront some of the most urgent challenges unique to West Virginia Women. These must be surmounted to ensure the economic future of our state.

The initiative is divided into three main working groups to propose bold ideas related to: educational opportunities, pay equity and workforce barriers

WVPEC Executive Director Donna Peduto is helping to spearhead efforts in the education working group, which seeks to address three main goals:

  • Hold focus groups with girls to determine their view of implicit bias’ effect on education and career pathways and plan implicit bias professional development training for current and future educators.
  • Investigate opportunities to promote West Virginia “sheroes” to motivate middle school girls and provide opportunities to access local women role models.

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