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Mission and Vision

The West Virginia Education Collaborative At-a-Glance

Mission of the West Virginia Public Education Collaborative 

The West Virginia Public Education Collaborative (WVPEC) is committed to advancing public schools in West Virginia from early childhood through higher education. By engaging key local stakeholders and national experts through outreach and innovative initiatives, WVPEC partner-members aim to identify West Virginia schools' most pressing educational needs, remove barriers to student success, and positively impact the educational system and economy of the state.The WVPEC convenes events, champions best practices and the work of partner organizations, and creates and implements P-20 initiatives across WV. 

Vision of the West Virginia Public Education Collaborative 

The WVPEC strives to inform public policy and improve the lives of the people of West Virginia by championing best-practice public education through eliminating silos, promoting productive dialogue, and developing sustainable communication networks. The WVPEC aims to achieve this vision by acting as an independent, nimble and forward-focused entity, prepared to address issues that may arise which impact public education, either at the local or national level.  

Goals of the West Virginia Public Education Collaborative 

  • Engage in consistent, productive communication with P-20 educators, state legislators, business and industry leaders.
  • Identify and engage with appropriate community, business, and education partners both statewide and nationally.
  • Elevate and expand existing initiatives and statewide efforts.
  • Secure sustainable funding in order to continue to grow as an organization.
  • Present the West Virginia Legislators’ Forum on Education and the Economy annually, growing attendance while continuing to provide a focused educational experience for attendees centered around best practices in public education presented by local and national experts.
  • Identify ways to engage with legislators throughout the year.
  • Connect business with education through the WVPEC K-12 Speakers’ Bureau.Convene Focus Forward: Preparing Today for the WV of Tomorrow annually and explore emerging issues that impact West Virginia’s workforce and economy, building on how Al, machine learning and big data will shift job skillsets and demand.
  • Engage in outreach efforts among similar groups and within state school districts.
  • Conduct research and produce white papers on important issues in public education.