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Resources for Online Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for educators, families and students across the nation. The WVPEC expresses our deepest thanks to educators, parents, caregivers and families for all they have done, and continue to do, to reinvent education for our students during these unprecedented times. We hope the resources below help you to keep virtual learning engaging and exciting!


Teaching at a Distance: Tools for Schools

Educators across the state have had to adapt rapidly to a new, online-only learning environment. From free Adobe products for students through May to online language learning programs, this list offers a wide range of digital tools to help teachers move the classroom online.

Resources from the Journal

SREB Resources for P-20 Educators, Districts, and States

The SREB has moved to support educators at every level, school districts, and policymakers. Dive into resources for K-12, postsecondary education, CTE, and more.

SREB Resources

We Are Teachers: Hundreds of Free, Online Learning Resources for Educators

Staying home from school doesn't mean learning has to stop. We are Teachers has collected 300+ resources for educators, parents and guardians to digitally teach lessons and keep students on track while they study from home. The list of resources is growing each day.

We Are Teachers Resources

Harness the Power of Smithsonian Project Zero Lessons

These easy-to-use approaches can help to improve student thinking. This 30 minute webinar, with Fairfax County Public Schools' Ellen Rogers, models how to facilitate an adapted Project Zero Thinking Routine that encourages learners to make observations and connections with more than one museum resource.

Learn more: it's Easy PZ

Teach Entrepreneurship with EntreEd Academy

The National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) presents an immersive digital course for K-12 educators to gain an understanding of entrepreneurship education, best practices for aligning entrepreneurship in their classroom, and insights into EntreEd's America's Entrepreneurial Schools initiative.

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Educators and Families

Free Education Resources: A Comprehensive Guide

Companies are providing free educational resources for students, educators and guardians to use while schools are closed down. The sources provide a wide range of subjects for students of any age group. 

Amazing Educational Resources

Go Exploring on a Virtual Field Trip

Thanks to the power of technology, children and families can go on field trips without even leaving home! Check out a few options and figure out where you'd like to go exploring.

Virtual Field Trip Resources

Road Trip from Home: More Virtual Field Trips

Hyperloop at Home

Get kids excited about STEM with a short lesson on Hyperloop, a transformative technology that could move passengers and cargo at over 600 miles per hour - and download a fun coloring page! Hyperloop has the potential to revolutionize the way populations move with the ability to connect hubs across the country in a matter of minutes. On one of the proposed routes, it could travel from Pittsburgh to Chicago in 47 minutes. 

West Virginia is currently a leading prospect for the location to build a new hub for their certification, training, and testing procedures due to our willingness to work collaboratively and efficiently. The selection of WV for this site supports the goal of growing WV as an innovation hub.   

Hyperloop Resources

Remaking Learning During COVID-19

Remake Learning has collected useful resources for K-12 educators and families to navigate the major changes COVID-19 has brought to education. Remake is also sharing success stories and opportunities for community building to make sudden changes easier to maneuver. Educators and guardians are also encouraged to share their at-home education practices and lessons learned on social media using the hashtag #LearningLessons!

Amazing Educational Resources

Science Demos Every Weekday from a WV Native

To keep kids engaged and entertained while staying at home, Fairmont, WV native Emily Calandrelli (AKA "The Space Gal") is sharing science experiments up on YouTube every weekday. The experiments are all done with common household items so kids can try out the same experiments at home.

Create a Science Experiment!

Junior Achievement Resources for Students, Parents and Guardians

To keep students learning, Junior Achievement has provided resources to support students K-12 during these uncertain times. From a virtual speakers series on YouTube to teaching young students about money management, their resource page is constantly updated and available for free.

Keep learning

YouTube Learning: Stream Learn #WithMe Live

Schools are closed, but YouTube Learning is providing resources to families and educators by streaming live videos for all ages. The videos range anywhere from AP classes to read alongs to dance videos to keep everyone learning, engaged and entertained!

Start streaming

HundrED Shares COVID-19 Innovations from Around the World

Health officials are currently taking steps to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19 in communities across the world. The pandemic situation is affecting the lives of many students, families and communities. This special collection from HundrED compiles stories and solutions from schools around the world doing their best for students.

Check out worldwide innovations

Entrepreneurship Education: Resources from EntreEd

Entrepreneurial and innovative thinking are a great asset, especially during these trying and uncertain times. EntreEd has compiled a list of resources related to entrepreneurship and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) to provide engaging skill building activities from home.

Resources for budding entrepreneurs

A Holistic Coronavirus Survival Kit from Libera

Libera has collected resources for emotional, physical, financial, relational, and spiritual well being during this national emergency, as well as some materials for education and growth. Libera also has staff and volunteers trained in listening, a counselor who offers remote sessions, and the capacity to help you get connected to resources if you can’t find what you need in the list of resources shared.

Libera Resources and Ways to Connect

Online School Tech: A STEPS Resource for Students & Parents

From Google Meet and GoTo Meeting to Blackboard and Canvas, the tech behind online school can be tough to tackle. Discover the virtual tools and technological hardware that are common in the online classroom, and what you (or your child) will need to know when class begins in this resource from STEPS.

Libera Resources and Ways to Connect

Grammar Checker

Virtual and hybrid learning both lead to lots of written assignments, which can mean lots of grammar mistakes. Before your students turn their assignments in, help them double check their grammar with this grammar checker.

Catch Grammar Slips

Learning Resources and Fun Educational Websites: A Crowdsourced Guide

Now more than ever, parents and teachers need reliable digital resources to help with learning from home. To help find the right tools for children and classrooms, Sitejabber put together an extensive list of reputable, crowdsourced websites that parents and educators can access at home, and many are offering free or discounted services right now.

Browse Crowdsourced Resources

Parents and Families

Tips for Keeping Your Family on Track

Although children may not fully understand the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic, they do notice when there is tension or stress in the home. WVU's College of Education and Human Services shares some helpful tips to maintain a safe and stress-free environment for kids. 

College of Education and Human Resources

Lessons Learned from Homeschool Families

Many families are getting their first taste of homeschool education with pandemic-related closures. Education Week shares lessons and resources from homeschool families to help others just starting out.

Home Schooling Lessons

Student Guide to Online Learning Success

Check out this resource from STEPSS and learn what students (and their parents) can do to make the switch from classroom to remote learning easier, tips and tools to help them transition, and what makes an online student successful.

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Keeping Kids Educated and Entertained

Keeping kids both educated and entertained can be a challenge. Thankfully, Common Sense Media has pulled together a hub of age-appropriate media for parents and educators to keep students engaged. This includes best practices for learning at home, ways to keep students supervised but entertained and tips for taking care of mental health. 

Common Sense Media Resources

Sign Up for Apple Camp at Home

Kids have a unique opportunity this summer to experience Apple Camp from home. Each project takes about an hour, but Campers can create and work at their own pace. The Activity Book will be a project road map, guiding them from idea to finished masterpiece. They’ll learn what to expect from each project during a live Orientation session, and drop in to live Q&A sessions to get help. If you find that all sessions are full, we’ll be adding new sessions each week. Bookmark this page to check back and register. In the meantime, Campers can download the Activity Book and work on their own.

Common Sense Media Resources

Participating in STEM Education at Home

The Center for Excellence in STEM Education at WVU offers resources and ideas to spark at-home STEM learning. These shows, sites and apps will keep students engaged with STEM anywhere they study. 

STEM Education Resources

Put Your Kids to Bed with Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is releasing her ten week “Goodnight with Dolly” series starting on April 3. Each week, she’ll share a video reading one of her favorite children’s books.

Imagination Library

Remaking Learning During COVID-19

Remake Learning has collected useful resources for K-12 educators and families to navigate the major changes COVID-19 has brought to education. Remake is also sharing success stories and opportunities for community building to make sudden changes easier to maneuver. Educators and guardians are also encouraged to share their at-home education practices and lessons learned on social media using the hashtag #LearningLessons!

Dig into Remake's resources!

West Virginia Families: Join a Rube Goldberg Competition

WVU Extension Service and Mylan STEMCARE encourage West Virginia families to participate in the Rube Goldberg Bar of Soap Video Challenge. This competition is open to families from all over the world to work together to build a Rube Goldberg machine that, after a chain reaction of events (10-20 total steps), drops a bar of soap into someone’s hands.

Learn more and join the competition

Virtual Camps: Summer Fun from Home

Because summer camps have been canceled due to COVID-19, groups like Common Sense Media have created resources for virtual camps to keep kids of all ages busy, learning new things and having fun from home!

Go camping

Make a Magical Fort

Join Marla McLean to learn about forts around the world and make your own family fort at home! This is a great way to get kids engaged while creating a safe space.

Build a fort

Outdoor Adventures for Kids in Your West Virginia Backyard

Springtime is here, which means more opportunities to get outside and find adventures for yourself and your kids. Check out these 7 outdoor activities for children right in your own backyard!

Go outside

West Virginia Themed Crafts to Do with Your Kids

Get outdoors and hands-on by making some rock art with your kids. This craft idea is a simple and fun way to celebrate the mountain state!

Make some art

Join a Maker Workshop with KID Museum

KID Museum is offering a variety of ways to inspire creative learning while stuck at home. These programs, facilitated by professional Maker Educators, are tailored to different ages, interests, and time commitments. Choose the ones that work best for your family!

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Libera Virtual Camp for Middle and High School Girls

Besides being lots of fun and providing connection with other girls, Libera camp will help girls find empowerment and purpose. They will learn more of who they are and how to use their voice. They will learn to overcome obstacles in their way. Teens will do some fantastic creative art and writing projects along the way. Libera camps will be offered multiple times during the summer, and will run 5 weekdays in a row, for an hour and a half a day.

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