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Jonathan O'Neil

Director, NOAA Big Data Project

Jonathan O’Neil is the Director of the NOAA Big Data Program. He has been working in the IT field for over 25 years. Prior to joining NOAA he spent several years as a subcontractor in the banking industry working on transitioning legacy banking systems to COTS (Oracle, SQL Server) database systems. After that, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry, pioneering on-line data acquisition systems for outcomes research as well as working in business process automation / re-engineering. Upon joining NOAA, he spent the early part of his career working to transition legacy paper-based data collection systems to electronic systems. Mr. O’Neil has been the Director of the NOAA Big Data Program for 3 years, helping NOAA to transition from on-premises data distribution mechanisms to cloud-based systems.  He holds an undergraduate degree from Union College as well as advanced degrees from the University of Rhode Island and Rutgers University.