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2019 Digital Learning Award Recipients

Stephane Collingnon

Assistant professor of Management Information Systems: Taught mathematical formulas and concepts via short, specific videos, allowing students to access content at their own speed and then participate in online quizzes, discussion forums, and meetings. 

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Laurel Cook

Assistant professor of Marketing: Addressed the challenges of data-informed decision-making, content creation and professional communication, giving her students access to digital software and multiplatform training they could implement practically for local businesses. 

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Matthew Heap

Assistant professor of Music Composition and Theory: Used a digital video “vault” of content for students to access and review theoretical material as needed, allowing them to dedicate their class time to making and analyzing music, which they then recorded into a digital, collaborative “class album”.

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Aimee Morewood

Associate professor of Literacy Education: Used technology to enhance learning experiences for her students in the practicum course RDNG689: Intervention for Struggling Readers via online portfolios, digital feedback, online group reflection, and more. 

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Afrin Naz

Regional co-director, Center for Excellence in STEM Education: Used Scratch programming language as a pedagogical tool in after-school computer science programs at local middle and high schools. 

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Amy Schissel

Assistant professor of  Painting : Updated WVU’s Painting program by building a digital painting lab with digital canvas printers, drawing tablets and digital imaging software to use new and old equipment and techniques in a multimedia approach to painting. 

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Keri Valentine

Assistant professor of Mathematics Education: Prepared future K-12 mathematics teachers to integrate mathematics pedagogy with coding and computational literacy, supporting their roles as current learners and future educators by using programming tools and coding programs